The Critique of Centrism

Obrad Savic and Mirko Gaspari, Why The Belgrade Circle Journal?

The Critique of Centrism
Richard Rorty, A Pragmatist view of Rationality and Cultural Difference
Peter Sloterdijk, Ist die Welt verneinbar?
Phillipe Lacoue-Labarthe, Le courage de la poésie
Rastko Mocnik, Language in the Vagaries of Transition
Vojin Dimitrijevic, Minorities in the Hypernational State
Branka Arsic, Descartes in Wonderland
Slobodan Simovic, Centric Discourses of Modernity and Postmodernity
Aleksandar Zistakis, Allegory of Death and the Death of Allegory
Agata Schwartz, Language in Multiethnical States

Subversive Discourse
Karl Popper, How the Moon might throw some of her light upon the two ways of Parmenides
Christopher Norris, Derrida on the Isles
Jovan Cekic, A New Loneliness
Dejan Sretenovic, The Masters of Sound
Dragan Velikic, My Dublin Talk
Mileta Prodanovic, God, the Serbs and Rasa Teodosijevic

War in the Tribal Zone: Yugoslavia
Rada Ivekovic, La Défait de la Pensée
Lawrence Norfolk, A Bosnian Alphabet
Gerard Raulet, Pax Europeana: Du bon usage des nationalismes
Salman Rushdie, Bosnia on my mind
Jean-Luc Nancy, Monogrammes XI
Obrad Savic, Speed Memories
Jean Baudrillard, Pas de pitié pour Sarajevo
Bibliography: The Collapse of Yugoslavia

Inventory of Texts
Obrad Savic and Zoran Jankovic, Der Dichter und die Sirenen
Milorad Belancic, The Shocking Truth
Mario Kopic, Comments on Jacques Derrida's Les Spectres de Marx
Stevan Vukovic, Review of New Moment

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