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  1. 2009.11.13 Parallax의 랑시에르 특집(Volume 15 Issue 3 2009)

드디어 구했다. 원하시는 분은 메일을 보내시라. sanggels@gmail.com 학교에 계신 분들은 도서관을 통해서 보시라...

Parallax, Volume 15 Issue 3 2009


Jacques Rancière: in Disagreement
Paul Bowman; Richard Stamp

Conjunctive Times, Disjointed Time: Philosophy between Enigma and Disagreement
Sudeep Dasgupta

Politics without Politics
Jodi Dean

Politics after Aesthetics: Disagreeing with Rancière
David Ferris

Heteroreductives – Rancière’s disagreement with ontology
Bram Ieven

Which Equality? Badiou and Rancière in Light of Ludwig Feuerbach
Nina Power

JR cinéphile, or the philosopher who loved things
Adrian Rifkin

‘A literary animal’: Rancière, Derrida, and the Literature of Democracy
Mark Robson

When Does Politics Happen?
Paulina Tambakaki

A few remarks on the method of Jacques Rancière
Jacques Rancière

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